Meet our Acupuncturist

Randy Sorenson

Master of Science -Traditional Oriental Medicine
East Asian Medicine Practitioner, Licensed Acupuncture, Chinese Herbalist, Oriental Body Therapist

I was born in California and spent most of my childhood between coastal communities and on
my family’s farm in western Oregon. I learned about work, play and service to God, country and
those in need. During my youth, I became familiar with nature, the rhythms, and cycles of
life. Besides developing an appreciation for the law of the harvest, I observed, explored and
learned about nature in and around the ocean, rivers, meadows and mountains.

I’m a US Navy veteran and returned lds missionary.  I believe in the goodness found within all
belief systems, support peace, and do my best to incorporate peace, compassion and
respect into my daily life.

After my service to God and Country, I studied Organizational Communications, Industrial
Psychology, and Business Management at University of Utah where I was awarded a Bachelor
of Science degree. I worked for US and International Organizations in Food, Finance, and
Human Recourses for a few years where I realized my true passions of working in team
environment where shared goals are focused on relieving human suffering and improving local

I enrolled, completed, and was awarded a Master of Science degree from Pacific College of
Health and Science in 2007. Since that time, I have worked and served in various locations from
Hospice to Sports Medicine, and Community Acupuncture. I especially am drawn to working
with our aging populations and military veterans.
I met Dr. Judd and it was a perfect match, in my opinion with his dedication to patient well-
being as first and foremost priority, closely followed with fairness and support for those in his
employment. I began working here in 2014.

~ The greatest healer is within yourself. I do what I can to encourage and support your process.